The successful conclusion of your product


The moulding and casting of your components is just the beginning of AXIAM’s capabilities. Once your part is produced we have the skills and techniques to turn this raw product into the finished component you require. We ensure all components are finished to the exacting standards required by our clients throughout the world and will provide the services required to ensure the successful completion of your project.


Metal - decorative & functional finishes


Not all castings are the same, and not all finishes are the same. Axiam are able to offer a vast range of decorative and functional finishes to your product to give it that final wow factor. In many cases, three or more added layers of protection are combined to give your product the strength, durability and look that you want.


As cast finish:

With no added processes, this is the finish you want for your unseen or low value casting – No added costs and no covering of the raw aluminium shine.


Linished finish:

Sharp edges and casting runners are sanded back to leave a straight, sandpapered edge.


Machined finish:

As with raw, however with milled surfaces adding a smoother dimension for more precise applications.


Alodine pre-treated finish:

Washed and pre-treated in RoHS compliant Alodine, the aluminium shows, but an added layer of protection and corrosion resistance is given to the metal


Vacuum impregnation:

A Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant, water resistant resin is forced into the micro-porosity of the unit under pressure, then solidified to form a pressure-tight seal. Perfect for outdoor applications where equipment housed within need to be watertight.


Vibrated finish:

Castings are rumbled with thousands of ceramic stones to remove sharp edges and give an even, smoother look and feel.


Ball-burnished finish:

Units are polished by thousands of ball bearings to give a mirrored shine. Perfect for decorative and highly visual products with a substantial cost advantage over conventional polishing or plating options.


Shot-blasted finish:

Units are sprayed with tiny shot pellets to remove sharp edges and provide an even, micro-textured look and feel. Great for visual parts and those which need a little grip.


Clear anodised finish:

For extruded aluminium only – Adds a micro layer of protection to toughen up the surface without affecting the extruded look of the unit.


Hard anodised finish:

For extruded and high pressure die-cast alloys. Hard anodising is a rapid oxidisation process which leaves a hardened, oxidised layer on the surface of the metal. This acts as a corrosion and abrasion resistant layer on your aluminium, improving durability.


Wet paint finish:

A fine mist of paint coats the casting to cover the aluminium without adding excess bulk. With or without masking, the spray paint adds a decorative look to the unit.


Powder-coated finish:

Our strongest and most decorative finish, available in every colour of the rainbow and in a broad range of textures and effects, specialty powder is baked onto the casting to give it strength from knocks, protection from the elements and a look that’s exactly as you want it.


Assembly, packing, & dispatching options:


It doesn't matter how well made the component is if you don't have it when you need it. AXIAM undertakes the assembly, supply management, packaging and shipping to ensure our components will arrive when and where they are required, worldwide.



From insertion of pins or screws into your casting, through to the assembly of 155 components and subassemblies, AXIAM are able to offer you full assembly services. Your components will be expertly put together by our specialist assembly team so that your part is ready to go.


Sub-supplier management:

As part of the assembly process, AXIAM are able to offer full supplier management to ensure that your sub-components are in stock and ready to be assembled onto your parts – So you don’t have to.



AXIAM offers a wide range of packaging options, from our standard range of recycled and reinforced cardboard boxes, through to customer specific packaging options including inserted boxes, zip lock poly bags with slip cards and point of sale blister packs. Talk to us about your packaging needs.



To get your product to you AXIAM offer a range of national and international freight options. Fully export approved, we can post, truck, courier, airfreight or ship. We can manage the whole process ourselves, or package your products for your own freight company to collect.


If you are local to Wanganui, we could even truck them around to you. Local, national or international, we have the freight option to suit your needs.





ISO9001 & ISO14001: The development, manufacture and assembly of plastic moulded components
ISO9001: Casting, machining, finishing, powdercoating and assembly of metal products
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ISO9001 & ISO14001: The development, manufacture and assembly of plastic moulded components
ISO9001: Casting, machining, finishing, powdercoating and assembly of metal products